More and More Data

Man, this server screams.  I’ve been able to do in a week on the new server what it took two months to do on the old one.  In the old server, I had about 1.7 Billion records.  I’ve moved those over to the new server.  Additionally, I have acquired and imported about 984 Million additional records from 34 other data breaches.  I’m still missing some of the ones I’d like, but I’ll keep looking.  Of the total of 2.6 Billion records, there are about 500 Million that are unique.  In terms of hashes, I have MD5, NTLM, SHA1, and the MySQL PASSWORD() hash for 400 Million of those records.  Now, I just have to do those hashes for the remaining 100 Million.  Once those are all done, I’ll take a look at what other types of hashes would be useful.  I was also thinking about taking a look at the most common usernames.

Getting excited for BSidesSLC and HackWest which are coming up soon.  I was also approached by 74rku5 of HackWest to be a Pros vs Joes team captain.  I told him I would, so we’ll see how much trouble we can get ourselves into.  Sounds fun.  And a little scary (see Gabriel Ryan’s tweet).