And more data

As you may know, I’ve been working on collecting the biggest leaked databases that I can find.  Well, I stumbled upon one called “Collection #1 Leaked.”  Finding the torrent, I put it into the client and began downloading it.  When it was done, the archive was about 36GB.  Unzipped, it was about 128 GB.  I’m prepping it all to be inserted into my database.

After more extensive research, I found Collections 2 through 5.  That file is ten times the size, the archive weighing in at 364.66 GB.  I can only imagine how big this thing is when it’s all extracted.  This is my biggest endeavor to date.  Hopefully, I can get some useful data from these files.

But as of now, I am exporting v1 of the pre-computed hash table that I created through the end of Fall of 2018.  Then, I’m going to start hashing the passwords in v2.  Version 1 has about 610M passwords and hashes.  Version 2 has well over 800M passwords and hashes.

I’d really love to set up a website where these tables can be queried.  I’ll have to see when I can do that.